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We manufacture grey industrial cloth and heavy canvas, and also we are into manufacturing dhotis, uparna, pooja sets, color dhotis and mulls.
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Warping is the preparation of yarn to weave fabric. It is the transfer of many yarns from the creel of single packages to a beam. The yarns will form a parallel sheet of yarn wound onto the beam. The basic objective of warping is to built a package where yarn ends remain in uniformly set parallel & continuous form & there by to accelerate the next process either sizing or drawing-in.  In this process small packages can re-use. After all increase the production.

Loom Dornier & Sulzer

It can produce different kinds and sizes of weft yarn raw materials, and can greatly change the weft yarn, structure and density. It can weave a variety of low-strength yarns, can weave some special yarns (non-wear-resistant yarns), in addition to clothing fabrics, but also can produce a variety of industrial fabrics. Sulzer looms are shuttleless, highly efficient, and versatile weaving looms that can produce a wide range of textiles including cotton, wool, mono, multifilament yarn, and linen, at varying length.


Fabric inspection, also known as fabric checking, is a systematic fabric evaluation in which defects are identified. Fabric inspection helps understand quality in terms of color, density, weight, printing, measurement, and other quality criteria prior to garment production. Fabric inspection  takes place  at various stages of manufacturing, including intermediate and final. "Perching" was another term for fabric inspection.


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Polyster Cotton



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